Advanced Aviation Desktop Trainer
  • Classroom Environments
  • Various Cockpit Configurations
    • Piper
      • Warrior
      • Seneca
      • Arrow
      • Seminole
    • Cessna 172
  • Actual Size or Life Like Cockpit Instrumentation


    ASE’s Multi-Platform Desktop Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) is designed for classroom environments and therefore has very few facility requirements for set-up and operation.  This device allows the student to interact with a life-size virtual cockpit to learn the layout and functions of the various instruments within the cockpit.  The Desktop AATD consists of the main console, the visual system, the instructor station and the rudder pedals.  This training device can be linked with several other Desktop AATD consoles in a classroom setting and they can all be controlled from a single instructor tablet.

Instrument Panel

    All cockpit instruments will be displayed as close to actual size and location as possible. The main instrument display can display several different cockpit configurations.  The required physical controls for the various gauges and instruments are located below the screen on the master switch panel. The instrument panel and throttle quadrant are interchangable between the single and multi-engine configurations.

Simulated Aircraft

    The desktop AATD includes many different configurations to allow training across a line of small aircraft. The following is a list of aircrafts that are currently included in the Desktop AATD configurations:

  • • Piper
  • - Warrior
  • - Seneca
  • - Arrow
  • - Seminole
  • • Cessna
  • - 172