Cockpit Procedures Trainer
  • Touch Activated Panels
  • Real Time Simulated Systems
  • Various Screen Instructor Station


    Our Mi 8/17/171 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) is much more than just a familiarization trainer and can be used for a variety of training programs. The CPT is effective for training normal procedures, emergency procedures and demonstrating systems operation. The cockpits can be readily adjusted to match any of the many different aircraft configurations.

Basic CPT

    A pilot transitioning to the Mi-17 uses this device to learn the cockpit layout. This will allow the pilot to locate all of the switches and gauges associated with the helicopter.

Basic CPT with Flight Component

    The basic CPT with a flight package and single-channel, single-screen visual system provides an opportunity to perform all of the procedures and some basic flight maneuvers, providing a more realistic flight training environment. This advanced model is considered an FAA AATD.

Level 5 Type CPT

    The Level 5 Flight Training Device, meets certification standards and provides effective training for pilots in use of an automated flight deck, systems integration and other procedures to include. work load management, situational awareness and decision making all in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.

    The level 5 CPT is ideal for training conducted prior to entering the Full Flight Simulator or actual aircraft. Training programs supported include; Initial Training, Recurrent Training, LOFT Type Scenarios, Crew Resource Management, Multi-Crew Coordination and Pilot Proficiency. In addition, Full Mission and Tactical Training scenarios can be exercised in this training device.


  •     • Touch Activated Panels
  •     • Real Time Simulated Systems
  •     • Various Cockpit Configurations
  •     • Touch Screen Instructor Station
  •     • Cockpit Controls Include:
  •         - Two-Axis Cyclic Stick
  •         - Rudder Pedals
  •         - Collective
  •         - Throttle