Flight Training Device
  • Level 6
  • Type-Specific Cockpit Configuration
  • Three Channel 220° x 54° Visual System
  • Two touch Screen Instructor Displays


    The Beechcraft King Air C90A Flight Training Device (FTD) is designed for initial and recurrent training.  Our FTD can be used in a number of ways to help pilots gain and improve their skills in the air.  Level 6 devices one specially designed for insurance company approval.

Equipment and Furnishing

    The cockpit shell was made from an actual King Air cockpit and includes the fuselage from a point just behind the pilot’s seat to the wind screens. 


    The flight and engine controls are computer-generated, projected images.  The HD projectors are mounted forward onto the instrument panel.  The gauge bezels are real and include functional knobs.  The switch panels are exact replicas of the aircraft panels with integrated, dimmable lighting.

Flight Controls

    The primary flight controls are loaded using ASE’s 3-channel electric digital control loading system.  The rudder pedals and control yokes are actual aircraft equipment.  The control wheel has all of the appropriate switches that are present in the standard C90A configuration and has a digital LCD chronometer in the face of the pilot control wheel. The throttle quadrant, flaps, parking brake, landing gear and trims are all actual aircraft equipment.

Visual System

  • • ASE IG and Display Systems
  • • Choose your Field-of-View and Number of Projectors
  • • Choose Flat, Cylindrical or Spherical Display Screen
  • • Images are Blended and Warped with ASE-Propriety Software