Flight Testing

ASE is one of the few flight simulation organizations that can claim expertise and experience in the full range of activities necessary to the development of a flight simulator that behaves like the aircraft. Full fidelity requires the use of good quality flight test data – data that are recorded during a rigorous test program on the subject aircraft.

Model Development

ASE directly uses flight test data to develop and tune the aerodynamic, controls, engines, and systems models. The simulation models implement a wide range of multi-dimensional data tables that take various aircraft configuration, control parameters, and flight conditions as inputs. The ASE Parameter Estimation software package uses an assortment of numerical analysis convergence methods to estimate non-linear aerodynamic coefficients over a broad range of flight test data. Fine-tuning in the later stages of development can also be easily performed in real time using the ASE simulation interface application SimView. Quite different from most software debug type programs, the SimView application presents an inventive approach that is not intrusive and doesn’t require interrupting the application in order for the user to examine the program code. This unique and powerful engineering tool allows the engineer to monitor, plot, or change any system variable in real-time, thus accelerating the development process.

  • • Directly estimate aerodynamic coefficients using flight test data
  • • Multi-dimensional data tables viewed and modified “on the fly”
  • • Fine tuning performed in real time with simulation running