Simulator Support

ASE is a full service flight simulation company. We design and manufacture the entire range of flight simulators from Basic Aviation Training Devices up to Full Flight Simulators. We move and install our own simulators for our customers and from time-to-time we also perform relocation services for other users. Learn More


We take a practical approach to training and maintenance – one that has been driven by the needs and resources of our customers. Dedicated maintenance personnel and instructors are not feasible for most of the owners of the simpler devices at the low end of the simulator cost spectrum – the CPTs, AATDs and FTDs.

Our approach has evolved to accommodate and support our customers’ constraints and capabilities.

For the operators, or instructors, we provide a manual that describes the functions of the instructor station. Usually, training is not required at all, except to show the operator how to power up the device and to recognize simple problems. These actions are covered in the manual.

For both the instructors and maintainers we offer a short familiarization course during the installation phase. The purpose of this course is just to get the customer personnel acquainted with the locations of the major components and the procedures for power up and power down and for initiating an internet maintenance session with the ASE personnel in Florida. We do not use or provide training course outlines or lesson plans for this familiarization training.


Our manual will show you how to take care of some problems that may arise with your product. It will explain both details on how to troubleshoot hardware problems as well as potential issues in the software. A program called Team Viewer can be installed on your product to allow remote access and control if your product is connected to the Internet. Your Product must be on for this remote access to work. It is also helpful to have someone standing by during remote updates. If internet is available, we also recommend that you install and open a Skype account for your product. It is very helpful to use Skype to communicate with the factory during these updates.

The maintenance manual is not a step-by-step description of each possible failure and corrective action. Rather it is a collection of documentation that will enable a technician to trouble shoot and repair items on his own. The documentation requires an ability to read electrical schematics and mechanical drawings. The maintenance data includes:

  • • Wiring Schematics
  • • Parts List
  • • Vendor Documentation
  • • Selected Mechanical Assembly Drawings