Touch Flight Cockpit Trainer
  • Real Time Simulated Systems
  • Touch Activated Panels
  • Various Cockpit Configurations
  • Functioning Flight Director and Autopilot


The Cessna Citation CJ1/CJ1+ Touch Flight Cockpit Trainer (TouchFlight) is designed for cockpit familiarization and or differences training. The cockpit is quickly reconfigured, enhancing difference training with dynamic, accurate aircraft simulations. Instruments and controls are full-size, fully functional replicas of the aircraft. A simple joystick lets you “fly” this trainer.

Instrument Panels

The TouchFlight possesses a fully functional ProLine 21 suite. All cockpit instruments are displayed as close to actual size and location as possible. The entire device is equipped with large touchscreen panels so that all instruments and switches can be activated by pressing the screen.


The software used on the device is derived from a Level C certified full-flight simulator. The software on the TouchFlight includes functioning flight director and autopilot capabilities. The aerodynamics model was created from a complete flight test program performed on a Model 525 Citation Jet, and has been tuned with certified pilots and implemented on several certified devices. The CJ1+ has simulated FMS 3000 and RTU-4220 radio units. The autopilot is simulated, including the VNAV functionality in the CJ1+.

Cockpit Representation

The instruments and control panel images are displayed on six HD monitors, making the smallest legends and dial markings legible by rendering life-like imagery. All switches and knobs are properly located, functional, and produce complete and accurate system response

  • • Full Fidelity System and Aero Simulations
  • • Re configurable for Type-Specific Training
  • • Controls and Switches are Touch Activated
  • • Functional Flight Director and Autopilot
  • • Flexable design for future upgrades