1. Start at the top and fill in the fields

a. Subject: enter a three or four-word description of the issue. Example would be “Broken Radio Knob”

b. SimTech Name: Select your name or the person who we will be working with on the issue.

c. Email: Enter the email address of the person who will receive the notifications and communications.

d. Phone: Enter the Phone Number for the contact person for this DR

e. Type: Enter the type of support being requested.

f. Priority: Enter the priority level of the DR.

g. DR Number: Enter the DR number from the DR record

h. FSTD Number: Enter the FSTD number. Example, Cessna CE-560 is #1590

i. Was an MMI Created: Enter Yes or No if the DR qualifies to be an MMI and if one was created.

j. DR Description: Enter a complete description of the DR. Enter

– the state the device was in when the issue occurred

– the actions leading up to the issue

– any actions taken after the issue

– be as specific as possible

2. Submit the DR. An email will be sent to the email address entered confirming the creation of a DR.

Submit A Support Ticket