Twin Cessna Pilot Training

Twin Cessna Pilot Training

Twin Cessna Pilot Training at Recurrent Training Center is a growing program for the Twin Cessna community. Our curriculum was designed to simplify and streamline the training process. Furthermore, this allows you to get the training you need as quick a possible. In addition, our instructors are trained to allow you to progress at a rate comfortable to you. Our goal is to evaluate you and help fill in the gaps of where you can improve your pilot skills.


RTC is dedicated to providing the best value of Initial and Recurrent Training in the simulated flight training industry. Our programs are built around the general consensus of aircraft insurance requirements.

First, our Curriculum has been broken into three segments. Segment one is the General Subjects Course and consists of Safety Topics and Regulatory Compliance. This course is updated every year to reflect the latest topics and rule changes.

Secondly, the Aircraft Ground School Course are modeled after the Ground School courses of an Airline. It is taught in a manner that uses the building blocks of learning and leads from the simple concepts to the more complex.

Initial Training

Recurrent Training Center’s Twin Cessna Initial Training is a comprehensive transition course that familiarizes pilots to the light, twin-engine transport aircraft built by Cessna. This course is a great value to anyone whether you are moving up to a pressurized model or transitioning to the Twin Cessna class.

Aircraft Training Offered:

Cessna 310, Cessna 320, Cessna 340, Cessna 414, Cessna 414A, Cessna 421

Course Breakdown:

Total Duration – 3 Days

Online Ground Training – 4 Hours

Aircraft Ground Training – 12 Hours

Briefing – 2 Hours

Flight Training – 8 Hours

Recurrent Training

The Twin Cessna Recurrent Training Program at Recurrent Training Center is flexible course that allows you the option of a 2.5 day course in our facility or opt for the 1 day Recurrent. Our 1 day Recurrent allows you to complete your ground school online. For contract pilots, we offer a Cessna 414/421 Pro Pilot Course where you can receive a insurance sign-off for both the Cessna 414 and 421 with only 6 additional hours added the base course.

Base Course Breakdown:

Total Duration – 2.5 Days

Online Ground Training – 4 Hours

Aircraft Ground Training – 4 Hours

Briefing – 2 Hours

Flight Training – 8 Hours

Flight Training Device | FAA Level 5

Flight Training Device (FAA Qualified Level 5)

All the lessons are performed in a LOFT style and have maneuvers and malfunctions distributed throughout the lessons. These lessons evaluate the students general flight proficiency, Aeronautical Decision-Making skills, and ensure the pilot can perform to their certification standard. The lessons also introduce normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures that are then practiced to proficiency.

At the completion of this segment, the pilot will have been evaluated on basic flight skills, trained to identify and perform proper procedures, and practiced to proficiency.

Cessna 414 (FAA Qualified Level 5)

Avionics: Garmin GPS 430, S-TEC Fifty Five X AutoPilot, Audio- Garmin 340, Transponder- Garmin GTX 327, 220 Degrees Wrap-Around Visual Display

FAA Identification Number – 1561

Qualification Basis – 14 CFR Part 60 Change 1, Appendix B

Location: North Tampa, FL

Issue Date: October 30, 2018

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