ASE is an innovative simulator design and engineering technology company with a cost sensitive culture, and a customer partnership attitude that specializes in providing devices that prepare and train beginning and career commercial pilots and allow mission training to military pilots. Established in 1994, ASE has over 18 years of proven technology and successful projects specializing in:

  • Flight Operations and Training Efficiencies
  • New Technology Flight Simulators and FTDs
  • Advanced Productivity Flight Simulator Upgrades
  • Aircraft Flight Tests and Aerodynamic Modeling
  • Flight Simulator and FTD Operational Support Services

No excuses, we get the job done and proudly stand behind our work with operational and technical support every step of the way. We believe this is a better way to do business. Especially in this era of advancing aircraft technology, advancing simulation technology, and advancing pilot training programs, a strong work ethic gives us the flexibility to respond to our customers precise needs.

At ASE, we don’t just sell what we think a customer needs or what our engineers want to design, we work with each individual customer to provide them with a product or service that fits their precise requirements, meets their budget, and satisfies regulatory requirements for maximum returns.

ASE uses collaboration to jointly determine a Best-VALUE solution, deliver exactly what our customers need and then monitor and adjust for maximum and continued performance improvement. Through the innovative application of technology, using a strong team of highly motivated and talented employees, all products are engineered to meet your precise needs, and manufactured and supported for regulatory compliance. We make our products more capable, easier to use and less expensive to purchase and operate.

    ASE’s prices are extremely competitive and offer the Best-VALUE in the latest simulation engineering design and technology to meet customer budget and flight training objectives, a real bottom line benefit.

    ASE delivers simulators with life-cycle support programs that fit precise customer specifications and satisfy FAA and international regulatory requirements. We will deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

    ASE provides the best warranty in the industry, with training and support services to back it up. We stay the course as your training partner.